International Conferences

Together with our sister organisation AACH (American Academy on Communication in Healthcare), EACH is proud to organise the annual International Conferences on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH). In the even years, EACH is the main organiser for the ICCH in Europe and in the odd years, AACH is the main organiser for the ICCH in the USA/Canada. Over 600 participants attended the last highly successful EACH-organised conference in Amsterdam in 2014 and in St Andrews in 2012 again over 600 people attended from 43 countries worldwide.

Please click here for information about our forthcoming conferences and also information about previous conferences.

A hallmark of EACH conferences is to foster interaction and exchange among participants. By doing so, the conference provides an excellent opportunity to reach one of the key objectives of EACH: to facilitate the exchange of ideas and products of teaching and research activities across a network of individuals and institutions.

Our conferences capture the teaching as well as the research components of communication in healthcare and focus not only on doctors, but equally on nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dentists, etc. The conferences are therefore of interest to trainers, teachers, health care professionals and researchers. The conferences are a mixture of plenaries, oral paper presentations, workshops, posters and symposia.

As an example of conference topics, here are the topics from the Amsterdam conference:

  • Basic and applied research in communication in healthcare
  • Teaching clinical communication skills
  • Shared decision making
  • Information provision
  • Communication and emotion
  • Empathy
  • Communication in chronic conditions including cancer care
  • Intercultural communication
  • Inter-professional / interdisciplinary communication
  • Patient perspectives
  • Patient participation and empowerment
  • Ethical issues in communication
  • Communication technology, e-learning, serious gaming
  • Psychophysiology and communication
  • Research methodology