Arnstein Finset, PEC editor

Arnstein Finset, PhD, is Professor of Medical Psychology at the University of Oslo. He is a former President of EACH (2004-6) and Editor-in-Chief of Patient Education and Counseling.

Arnstein Finset is born in 1947 an is a clinical psychologist by training with long clinical experience in rehabilitation medicine and neuropsychology. Since the mid-1990-ies his primary area of research has been the doctor-patient relationship, and he and his collaborators have published numerous papers on clinical communication and medical psychology, with an emphasis on emotional communication and communication skills training. He chairs the Communication in Healthcare Research Group at the Department of Behavioral Science at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo and is a senior partner in Oslo Communication in Healthcare Education and Research group (OCHER)

He has extensive teaching experience in communication skills training for medical students, physicians and other health personnel.