China: National Representative Xinchun Liu

Xinchun Liu (Angela) is a hospital administrator with a background of medicine. She works in the Department of Human Resource at the Third Xiangya Hospital of the Central South University, China. She is responsible for the Talent Development Office and in charge of continuing education for the hospital staff. She has been involved in Cooperation and Development Projects with Xiangya School of Medicine and School of Public Health of Central South University. She has been a researcher in a 2 year project on Clinical Communication, financed by the New York China Medical Board (CMB) Foundation and has been involved in construction of training model and its assessment system. She has conducted a “Five Habits” (adapted from the Four Habits Model) training program for the young physicians on communication skills in 2014. She is now on the final stage of concluding her PhD in the scope of communication skills. She is linked to the national association of communication in healthcare. She is now the member of EACH and national representative from China in EACH. Recently, she has the honor been invited to serve as member of the Editorial Board of Patient Education and Counseling.