Germany: National Representative Eva Maria Bitzer | Deputy National Representative Andrea Gaisser

Eva Maria Bitzer is since 2009 Professor for health education at the University of Education Freiburg, Head of Dept. of Public Health & Health Education. She is a medical doctor (1991), holds a postdoctoral degree in public health (1994) and did her professorial thesis in health services research (2009). She is head of the BSc/MSc study programme on health education at the University of Education Freiburg.
Eva Bitzer used to be a dedicated health services researcher with emphasis on health outcomes in quality of care, the patient perspective on structure, processes and outcomes of health care, and the use of large claims data to answer questions in health services research. Once in Freiburg, quality research and performance measurement were enriched by the desire to enhance health literacy of individuals, health professionals, health organisations and the system. Since 2009 she is more engaged in the development and evaluation of complex patient education interventions, easy to read an understandable patient information material, risk communication, and implementing and evaluating behavioural change interventions for individuals and professionals. She is active in the areas of health promotion and prevention as well as in curative and rehabilitative medicine with occupational health as a further area to explore.

Eva Bitzer received grants from the federal ministry of research, of health, from statutory sickness funds and the German pension scheme. She has led numerous studies on health information and education, on informed decision making in (cancer) screening, she has expertise in health technology assessment and systematic reviews of non-pharmaceutical health interventions. She ist author of more than 40 original contributions. She is member of the scientific advisory board of the German Institute for Quality and Transparency in Health Care (IQTIG), member of the Expert Commission on Health Reporting at the Robert Koch Institute and member of the scientific advisory board of the German Cancer Information Service.