Italy: National Representative Federico Fioretto (Deputy National Representative Giulia Lamiani)

Federico Fioretto, entrepreneur and manager, is an international consultant, trainer and keynote speaker on leadership, conflict transformation, communication and strategic sustainability.

He has designed and directed successful courses on communication and team-work in healthcare organizations and has recently been lead expert and author for the production of the first Manual on Communication in Healthcare by the Italian Ministry of Health and National Medical Association FNOMCeO.

In 2014 he has been one of the only two Europeans chosen by the US Presidency YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative), program for the development of a new generation of leaders for the future of Africa. Such program involves, among others, many healthcare and health-promotion professionals.

He has published books in Italian and (some) in English about the problem of structural violence in healthcare, leadership, conflict transformation, sustainability, ethics of business and the crisis of modern democracy.

He is the creator of The CASE© Method for conflict transformation and decision making.