Norway: National Representative Hilde Eide

Hilde is professor in clinical communication and health counselling at University College of Southeast-Norway and head of research at The Science Centre Health and Technology in Drammen. Hilde is a nurse and psychologist and obtained her Dr.Philos. degree in 2004 with the thesis titled Communication in Medical Specialist Settings. Patient Concerns and Satisfaction in Relation to Patient-Physician Communication.

Her main research interest is person-centred communication between healthcare provider and patients, with a special focus on emotional communication related to physical and psychosocial health conditions and how patients communicate concerns. She has explored these aspects of communication in different samples, like persons with cancer, diabetes and chronic pain conditions. She is at the forefront of developing web-based interventions and health counselling methods, and has published a series of articles in the field together with her PhD students. She is also researching innovation processes and implementation of welfare technology. At present she is leading a cross-disciplinary research project the COMHOME-study funded by the Research Council of Norway with the aim of developing a research-based simulation platform for person-centred communication training of health care personnel working with older persons in homecare settings.

She has more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, has co-authored the most used textbook in communication skills in Norway, and serves as referee for about 20 international journals in the fields of clinical communication and web-based interventions in nursing, medicine and psychology. Hilde is the national representative for Norway in (EACH), and is also a member of the special interests group the Verona-Codes network.

Hilde, Eide
Faculty of Health and Social Sciences,
University College of Southeast-Norway
Tel. +47 4924 3096