Communication in the consultation room still a challenge?

Insight in 30 years of research and teaching

If you are interested in communication in healthcare you are very welcome to participate in this symposium on Thursday 26 November 2015 at the Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen

EACH President-Elect, Evelyn van Weel-Baumgarten will hand over the coordination of the clinical communication skills program at the Radboud university medical center this autumn. To emphasize the importance of this topic and Evelyn’s contribution to nearly 30 years of teaching and research in healthcare communication, the department of Primary Care and the Radboudumc Health Acacdemy of the Radboud university medical center has organized this symposium (in English).


The programme consists of (interactive/creative) presentations, discussions in small groups and an ‘interactive market’ with stalls demonstrating some of our new approaches to teaching of clinical communication in the new bachelor curriculum at the Radboud university medical center, which started in September 2015.

11.00 Welcome and introduction by Roland Laan
Chair: Jaap Deinum
11.10 Setting the scene: a patient story
11.25 The therapeutic value of doctor-patient communication
Sandra van Dulmen
11.50 Participatory research – how to involve those who know best what works best for them?
Maria van den Muijsenbergh
12.15 Clinical communication: isn’t it all just personality and experience – why do we force learners to do all this learning? The evidence behind the practice
Jonathan Silverman
13.00 Lunch with educational market stalls
Introduced and led by Ellemieke Rasenberg en Ietske Siemann
14.15 Optimizing transfer of communication learning: what do residents need in real medical practice?
Valerie van den Eertwegh
14.40 Summary of the presentations – statements for the small group discussions à la petit (pain) pensant
Moderator: Baziel van Engelen
15.05 Discussion
15.50 Summarizing the discussion
16.25 Closing words by Pim Assendelft
16.45 Reception



The following eminent researchers and teachers who have accepted an invitation to speak, guarantee an interesting and inspiring afternoon:

• Sandra van Dulmen – Research in clinical communication
• Maria van den Muijsenbergh – Patient and stakeholder involvement
• Jonathan Silverman – Teaching of clinical communication
• Valerie van den Eertwegh – Transfer to clinical practice

Opening and closing remarks will be made by Prof Roland Laan, head of the Radboudumc Health Academy and Prof Pim Assendelft, head of the department of Primary Care of the Radboud university medical center.

Registration is free.  Click here to register.

5th November 2015