Congratulations to Monica Broome, Deputy National Representative of America

Monica Broome, the US DNR has been appointed to the Global Listening Center as the Director of Health Care Communication.

The Core Values of the Group are:

  • Service : To work selflessly towards global harmony.
  • Leadership : Promote the integrity and honesty of workers and working teams and to advance innovative collaboration.
  • Freedom : Of work, thought and expression.
  • Respect : For the rights, differences, culture and especially the dignity of others.
  • Equality : Of treatment without discrimination against anyone.
  • Excellence : In all teaching, training, research, and educational listening activities.
  • Global Collaboration : Global strategic alliances with communities, institutions and agencies.

There are different arms of the organization. As Director of Healthcare Communication, Monica will be available to advise and consult organizations and individuals on a wide range of topics related to communication.

25th January 2018