Together with our sister organisation AACH (American Academy on Communication in Healthcare), EACH is proud to organise the annual International Conferences on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH). In the even years, EACH is the main organiser for the ICCH in Europe and in the odd years, AACH is the main organiser for the ICCH in the USA/Canada.


baltimoreICCH & HARC Conference 2017
Hosted by AACH in partnership with EACH

8 – 11 October 2017
Baltimore, USA

The 15th International Conference on Communication in Healthcare will be held in Baltimore and will be a joint meeting with the Health literacy Annual Research Conference. For more information please click here.


ICCH 2018

Hosted by EACH: International Association for Communication in Healthcare
In Partnership with the American Academy on Communication in Healthcare

1 – 4 September 2018
Porto, Portugal

Click here for more information.