Past Conferences

ICCH Conference 2016, Heidelberg

EACH_Heidelberg_397The ICCH conference, hosted by EACH, in 2016 took place in Heidelberg from 7 – 10 September.  Here you can view the following:

Presentations and photographs are available to members in the members’ area here.

EACH Summer Event 2015, London



The inaugural EACH Summer Event took place at Regent’s University London from 24 – 26 August 2015. Here you can download the programme.

Presentations are available to members in the members’ area here.

ICCH Conference 2014, Amsterdam

The ICCH conference, hosted by EACH in 2014 took place in Amsterdam from 28 September – 1 October.  Here you can view the following:

Presentations are available to members in the members’ area here.

History of ICCH conferences

The conference series was started by Gregory Makoul and Theo Schofield with hopes that it would take off as an academic ‘international home for educators and researchers’ – to foster exchange of ideas at the intersection of teaching and research as well as about work in different countries. The series was designed to bring together educators and researchers for an exploration of ideas, innovations, and current practice in communication and medical education. Many productive collaborative relationships were generated at the earliest International Conference on Teaching Communication in Medicine, which was held in Oxford in 1996. That conference was attended by more than 200 people from 20 different countries.

The early conferences had different names and the first ICCH conference organised by EACH was held in 2002 in Warwick. The first ICCH conference organised by AACH was held in 2005 in Chicago. Since then the ICCH is organised alternately on the European and American continent and welcomes every year more delegates, in 2012 and 2014 more than 600.

From the start, Patient Education and Counselling has published the major products and/or proceedings of these gatherings, as listed below:

Pre-ICCH conferences




Patient Education and Counseling

1996 Oxford International Conference on Teaching Communication in Medicine Patient Educ Couns 1999;37:191-5.
1998 Amsterdam Communication in Health Care Conference Patient Educ Couns 1998;34(Suppl 1):S1-S82.Patient Educ Couns 2001; 45: 1-2
1999 Evanston, IL (Chicago) Communication in Medicine Conference (CIMC)
2000 Barcelona International Conference on Health & Communication Patient Educ Couns 2002; 48(1):1-91
2001 launch of EACH Patient Educ Couns 2001; 43(1):1-4.


ICCH conferences




Patient Education and Counseling

2002 Warwick Patient Educ Couns 2003; 50(3):227-8.
2004 Bruges Patient Educ Couns 2006; 60(3):263-6.
2005 Chicago Patient Educ Couns 2006; 62(3): 285–287
2006 Basle Patient Educ Couns 2007; 67(3):241-5
2007 Charleston Patient Educ Couns 2008; 72(3); 357–358
2008 Oslo Patient Educ Couns 2009; 76(3):293-5
2009 Miami Patient Educ Couns 2010; 80(3): 285-287
2010 Verona Patient Educ Couns 2011; 84(3):283-6
2011 Chicago Patient Educ Couns 2012; 88(3):357-8
2012 St. Andrews Patient Educ Couns 2013; 92(3):283-5
2013 Montreal Patient Educ Couns 2014; 96(3):271-2
2014 Amsterdam