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Please become a member of EACH. Whether you are a researcher, teacher, practitioner or patient, or indeed all four, EACH exists to offer you support and help about all matters concerning communication in healthcare. We would like you to consider EACH to be the place you turn to as your natural home and as the pressure group working to support all our healthcare communication endeavours.

Membership benefits

In order to provide even more reasons for you becoming a member of EACH, we have negotiated a new, exciting package of benefits with Elsevier who publish Patient Education and Counseling (PEC). PEC is the leading international journal for communication in healthcare and ranks 3rd out of 92 journals in Social Sciences, interdisciplinary category.

So as well as our existing benefits which include the following:

  • Subscription to PEC with privileged online access directly through the EACH website to PEC’s monthly journal and its entire archive in PDF form.
  • Reduced registration fees for EACH conferences.
  • Opportunities for networking in research and training in communication in healthcare through tEACH, rEACH and the young EACH Facebook group.
  • Privileged entrance to the developing members area of the website.
  • Reduced membership fees for (PhD) student members.

We have now also secured the following unique privileges from Elsevier:

  • Access to special supplementary content online available only to EACH members.
  • Accessing PEC on any mobile device.
  • When you submit a manuscript to PEC and identify yourself as an EACH member:
    • Special fast tracking through the peer-review process.
    • If published in PEC, the article will receive special promotion online and in social media.
    • If you submit an article and choose to publish it “open access,” you will receive a $1,000 discount (33%) off the full article processing charge.

We really hope this package of benefits will be attractive to you: we are still negotiating a package of additional benefits for Elsevier resources with discounts for other books and journals.

How your membership helps EACH and the community

Your membership is vital to us and the work we do. EACH is a charitable organisation and as such we rely on membership fees, income from courses and conferences, and donations to achieve our aims. But it is more than just the money. We would like EACH to be the place where researchers and teachers, throughout the world, can turn to for help and support as their natural academic home and to feel that they have a group working for them and their causes. In order to provide help and support to the wider community, EACH needs to be seen to represent the whole constituency of communication research and teaching and to be your advocates in the wider world.

So please, become a member of EACH 2016 by clicking on the button at the top of this page.

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If you have any concerns or queries about becoming a member, please email us before registering.