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Welcome to pEACH, the EACH subcommittee that focuses on translating research evidence on health communication into health care teaching, practice and policy. The aim of pEACH is to foster the application of research from health communication and health communication education into healthcare practice, professional educational programs and policy.

pEACH consists of a core group of members from different disciplines and different countries. Additionally pEACH created a network of members throughout Europe, collaborating with the different subgroups.

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As part of the work of pEACH, we address the issue of knowledge translation in health communication research, i.e. how to best assure that evidence from health communication research is used to strengthen healthcare systems. Health communication is a well-established field that, over the years, has produced main results in areas including health provider-patient communication, medical education and health prevention and promotion. Major progresses in the implementation of research have been made. However, as reported from other scientific fields, the effective translation of research findings into practice implies a complex interactive process between research and healthcare systems that needs to be conceptualized, operationalized and made functional.

According to the framework of John Lavis, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Evidence-Informed Health System, knowledge transfer is driven by five key determinants, namely a clear understanding of:

  • what research knowledge should be transferred (the message)
  • to whom (the target)
  • by whom (the sender)
  • how (the channel)
  • with what effect (the impact)

pEACH is focusing on creating models and repositories of best practices on how to account for all these determinants. Currently, a main topic is to design optimal ways to package evidence from research and made it available to policy-makers in a user-friendly fashion.

While scientific publications are essential for the growth, the consolidation and the innovation of knowledge, they are often not tailored for implementation. In 2017 pEACH will produce the first policy-making papers. Worldwide experts in specific areas of health communication will present their views on how to make use of available evidence to address healthcare challenges originating from communication issues.



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