The research arm of EACH (rEACH) is encouraging its members to create Special Interest Groups to generate a clear focus for members who wish to push forward and develop an important area of research related to communication and healthcare.

More information and role description can be found here.

We would like to invite members to propose Special Interest Groups to be affiliated within EACH. To do this please would your Group complete the rEACH SIG Application Form (see link below). This is a short form that will be reviewed by rEACH for a decision to enable the SIG to have a place within the rEACH website, to advertise activities and invite EACH Members to sign up to the SIG. This is new development for rEACH and we hope that members will take advantage of the new capabilities offered by the EACH website to enhance communication between the membership. It is our intention to supply a blog space and also eventually some representation within rEACH. It is our intention to announce these new features during the course of the year.
Gerry Humphris
rEACH Chair

This is the process of application:

Download the form and complete with your proposed set of SIG Officers.  Send your completed form to the Chair (currently Gerry Humphris).

You will get a decision from the rEACH Committee in one calendar month.  The decision will be one of four categories:

  1. Support the SIG, and request for the SIG to have space on the EACH website
  2. rEACH Committee seeks clarification with further detail or reassurance, with a view of acceptance in the medium term (3 months)
  3. Decline with suggestions for resubmission in the longer term (12 months)
  4. Decline

Below are descriptions of our traditional SIG and proposals for additional SIGs that may evolve, be encouraged and managed by rEACH.

In the near future rEACH will produce a ‘SIG pack’ to down load to encourage new members of EACH to design new interest groups. SIGs would be allocated web page space within the rEACH website with various functions: blog space, list of members, activity announcements etc.

Medical Education Research Network

This natural link between tEACH and rEACH focuses on research activity associated with communication skills training in educational settings, typically medical, nursing and other professional health provider schools.

This cross over SIG supports the philosophy and aims of EACH. Current activity includes the development of the questionnaire to explore the needs and resources of communication skills teachers in European countries, with an initial pilot on undergraduate medical education.

Other potential SIGs

rEACH is very interested in bringing together groups in any area.

We exclude groups based on profession, geography or language as this is not in keeping with the multi-professional, multi-disciplinary, multi-country ethos of EACH and does not promote boundary-less working.

Possible areas for example might be:

  • Physiological and neurological
  • Methodological innovation
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Child and adolescent communication

If you are interested in taking a SIG forward in these or any other areas, please contact rEACH