The early career investigator networking was initiated by rEACH. In 2008, an initial eight early career researchers, each from a different country, were invited to a pre-conference workshop to present interests, current projects and future ideas of collaborative work in Oslo. This was a very successful meeting and the group has remained active following the conference. Since then, other early career research groups have formed at the one-week summer schools in 2009, 2011 and 2013, and at the one-day preconference workshop in Verona in 2010. These groups have also been successful in continuing to collaborate with each other. The general consensus among most early career researchers is that the EACH community provides a great platform and supportive environment for early career researchers to develop their research.

Based upon the success of these early career research groups, rEACH established the yEACH  network and early career researchers were selected to leadership positions in the yEACH committee to oversee this network (Figure 1).
Any active member of EACH who is within 10 years of starting their research career is eligible to participate in the yEACH network.

Aims of the yEACH Network

The yEACH network’s aim is to provide a friendly and supportive environment for early career researchers across different institutions and countries who have an interest in and are currently working in healthcare communication. The group stimulates networking and collaboration, as well as discussion and sharing of ideas to further develop healthcare communication research.

The yEACH  Committee

The yEACH  committee consists of a core set of early career researchers who promote and manage the growing yEACH  network. The yEACH  Committee works collaboratively with rEACH to coordinate activities and meetings for the network.

Specific Objectives of the yEACH  Committee:

  • To provide a supportive network via Facebook and email where researchers can exchange information, ask relevant questions, and share ideas and experiences related to their research projects. This activity is open to members and non-members of EACH.
  • To organize retreats for yEACH  network members. Such retreats can be used to write individual or collaborative papers or to pursue collaborative research ideas and projects.
  • To generate ideas and collaborative international teams with similar interests.
  • To apply for appropriate research funding, with support from senior colleagues to support research projects.
  • To produce outputs which include publications, conference presentations and workshops.
  • To identify continuous research needs of early career researchers in communication in healthcare.

Committee Members

The yEACH  committee will consist of a maximum of 6 members, within their first 10 years of research experience. Current members are: Harbinder Sandhu (University of Warwick, UK), Isabelle Scholl (University Medical Center Hamburg, Germany), Kimberly Gudzune (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, US), Marleen Kunneman (Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands).

Contact Details

Visit our Facebook group: Young EACH network
If you would like to contact the yEACH  Committee, please send an email to Isabelle Scholl