Workshop programme

rEACH aims to support the development of researchers through creating opportunities for sharing of expertise in the research field of healthcare communication.

This has taken the form of specialist one-off workshops, organised by rEACH and linked to the EACH or AACH Conference. rEACH has run or is considering running workshops in the following areas:


rEACH has organised workshops covering specific methods such as: conversational analysis, grounded theory procedures, framework analysis etc.There is also strong interest in use of multiple approaches which is a potential theme for a future workshop.

rEACH is always looking to find potential workshop leaders who for methodological workshops. If you are an experienced in a specific qualitative method and are willing to share your expertise for the benefit of members, rEACH would love to hear from you.

Statistical approaches

The analysis of data derived from communication health care studies is of increasing complexity. New techniques and development of appropriate software have converged with the sophistication of the content area. Multiple methods of analysis are now featured in PEC regularly and structural equation modelling and multi-level modelling are becoming commonplace. The use of latent variable models, longitudinal data sets, and multi-level modelling are just a few of the sophisticated techniques that EACH researchers may be required to become familiar with for their own studies or when refereeing others’ work.

It will be one of the aims of rEACH to try to identify workshop organisers who would be willing to provide statistical workshops to assist new and experienced researchers in extending their analytical skills.

If you are an experienced in a specific statistical approach and are willing to share your expertise for the benefit of members, rEACH would love to hear from you.

Verona CoDES training

There have been two training workshops for the VR-CoDES system (St Andrews and Montreal). Both have been run by Lidia del Piccolo with assistance from Arnstein Finset and Gerry Humphris (Montreal). There have been approximately 10 delegates for each day training session. Future sessions are being organised.

Future workshops

If you are an EACH member and would like to suggest a topic for a methodological workshop to be run at future events, rEACH would love to hear from you.