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One of the main aims of spEACH is to create an international network of simulated patients. We would be interested to hear about what you would like this network to include. Please tick as many of the options below that express what you would like a network of SP’s to offer:


In establishing a group run by simulated patients for simulated patients we anticipate a variety of ways simulated patients could interact and be involved. We recognise that having a small active group of “doers” with the motivation to help plan the work of the network and put time and energy towards achieving the objectives of the group is important. We are interested in knowing how involved you would want to be in spEACH and provide options below. Please select all that represent the level of involvement you would like to have:


It would be helpful if we could know about your experience as a simulated patient:


By completing this survey your email address will be added to the spEACH member list to receive emails about the group’s development and activities. If you would prefer not to have your name added to the list please indicate below:
If you were to change your mind at a later date and wished to have your name added to or removed from the list please contact us by email.
To enable all simulated patients to join spEACH our group will have a Facebook page. Please tick if you would like to take part:
We appreciate you taking the time to participate in this survey and thank you for your response.