Curriculum models

tEACH has begun collecting descriptions of the overall content of a communication curriculum, including those that extend beyond the core skills of the medical interview to cover such things as specific communication issues and communication with other health care professionals.

Examples of guides for comprehensive communication curriculum include:

  • The UK Consensus statement: This document summarizes the UK Consensus statement the content of communication curricula in undergraduate medical education. Based on strong theoretical and research evidence, this statement was developed by an iterative process of discussion between communication skills leads from all 33 UK medical schools.
  • tEACH Health Professionals Core Communication Curriculum (HPCCC): Developed by tEACH this curriculum identifies the key objectives for teaching communication skills to undergraduate students in all health professions. The HPCCC is available in various languages including English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. 
 Translations are available for download by members here. The original article describing the development, the consensus process and the importance of individual learning objectives can be found here (C. Bachmann et al., 2012).
  • Institution specific comprehensive curriculum: tEACH has collected several examples of comprehensive communication skills curriculum within single institutions. We provide a few here and other examples can be found by checking the comprehensive curriculum option I the searchable database of resources.

Submit comprehensive curriculum examples

We are aware that this collection is just a starting point and we would welcome submission and information about other curricula models used in different healthcare disciplines. To submit information about additional curriculum models, visit our guidelines for resource submissions.