Behaviour Change Counselling Index – Spanish (BECCI)

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Language: Spanish

Profession: Medicine

Level of Learner: Postgraduate

Type of Tool: Assessment Tool - Observer

Assessment Topic(s): Observer

What to Teach / Assess Topic(s): Behaviour change

Brief description:

Instrument to assess practitioners’ use of Behaviour Change Counselling in consultations (either real or simulated). Topic covered: Behaviour change strategies; 11 items on a 5-point scale Reference: Lane C, Huws-Thomas M, Hood K, Rollnick S, Edwards K, Robling M. Measuring adaptations of motivational interviewing: the development and validation of the behavior change counseling index (BECCI). Patient Education and Counseling 2005; 56:166–173.

Author(s) and Affiliation(s): Lane C Huws-Thomas M Hood K Rollnick S Edwards K Robling M