Breaking bad news – Facilitator Guide – Iowa – PowerPoint and Word

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Language: English

Profession: Dentistry, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Social work

Level of Learner: Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Type of Tool: Facilitator guide, Communication Model, Simulated patient case

What to Teach / Assess Topic(s): Challenging situations, Giving information

Core Curriculum Objectives:

A8, A 24-32

Goals/Educational Objectives:

To be able to demonstrate the skills involved in delivering difficult news in an effective manner and describe the types of responses patients and families may have to receiving difficult medical news

Brief description:

Facilitator guide and materials for experiential training in delivering difficult news to patients. Learners are given the opportunity to practice, receive feedback and observe others as they deliver difficult news to simulated patients. During a 1.5 hour session, learners are given the opportunity to 1) give bad news to a simulated patient and 2) observe 4 other students giving bad news via a video camera and monitor. An introductory lecture provides general information to students about the skills necessary to effectively perform this task. Materials include facilitator guide, SP cases, handouts and sample schedules.

Practical Resources:

1.5 hour small group sessions with 15 learners split into 3 groups and 5 SPs displaying different cases and emotions. Faculty facilitate discussion around the issues raised by each case and the common communication skills that crosscut all the scenarios. Implementation of the module requires recruitment and training of simulated patients and faculty facilitators.

Author(s) and Affiliation(s): Marcy Rosenbaum