Fragebogen zur Arzt-Patient Interaktion FAPI – English

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Language: English

Profession: Medicine

Level of Learner: Postgraduate

Type of Tool: Assessment Tool - Patient

Assessment Topic(s): Patient

What to Teach / Assess Topic(s): Giving information, Relationship building, Shared decision making

Brief description:

Instrument for the evaluation of doctor-patient consultations from the patient's perspective using a 5-point scale Topics covered: Giving information, shared decision making, relationship building Reference: Bieber C, Müller KG, Nicolai J, Hartmann M, Eich W. How Does Your Doctor Talk with You? Preliminary Validation of a Brief Patient Self-Report Questionnaire on the Quality of Physician–Patient Interaction. J Clin Psychol Med Settings (2010) 17:125–136. Bieber C, Nicolai J, Müller KG, Eich W. Der Fragebogen zur Arzt-Patient-Interaktion (FAPI) – Validierung und psychometrische Optimierung anhand einer Stichprobe chronischer Schmerzpatienten. Klin. Diagnostik u. Evaluation 2011; 4:78–93.

Author(s) and Affiliation(s): Bieber C Müller KG Nicolai J Hartmann M Eich W.