Patient-Practitioner Orientation Scale – German (PPOS-D12)

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Language: German

Profession: Medicine

Level of Learner: Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Type of Tool: Assessment Tool - Observer, Assessment Tool - Self-Assessment, Assessment Tool - Patient

Assessment Topic(s): Observer, Patient, Self

What to Teach / Assess Topic(s): Gathering information, Giving information, Relationship building, Shared decision making

Brief description:

Instrument to assess orientation of learners, practitioners and patients toward patient centeredness. Answers are based on a 6-point Likert scale with higher scores reflecting more patient-centered attitudes (ranges from 1 to 6).18-items ( two 9-itemed subscales ). Measure of patient-centered attitude (differentiates between patient-centred versus doctor-centred or disease-centred orientation, measuring attitudes along 2 dimensions: ‘sharing’ and ‘caring’). Sharing subscale reflects the extent to which the responder believes that the patient should receive information and be involved in decision-making, Caring subscale evaluates whether the patient’s expectations and lifestyle are taken into consideration during the medical consultation. Reference: Kiessling C, Fabry G, Fischer M, Steiner C, Langewitz W. (2014). Deutsche Übersetzung und Konstruktvalidierung des "Patient-Provider-Orientation Scale" (PPOS-D12). Psychother Psych Med; 64(03/04):122-127.

Author(s) and Affiliation(s): Kiessling C Fabry G Fischer MR Steiner C Langewitz W