Submit a Resource Information

The current collection of teaching and assessment resources on the tEACH pages are just a beginning and we are grateful for those teachers who have provided the initial material. We hope you will donate your teaching resources to this website so that we can all continue to learn from each other.

Types of resources to submit

We encourage all teachers who undertake communication skills training and/or assessment in the health professions and have developed material they want to share to submit their material to tEACH. We welcome contributions in all European languages and from all health professional disciplines.

How to submit a resource

If you have a teaching resource to submit, please fully complete the submission form following the instructions for the complete information needed and email the form and resource to

If you have an assessment resource to submit, please full complete the assessment tool form and email the form and tool to

Note: All resources accepted for the tEACH website will be available to anyone visiting the website (with the exception of some assessment tools which are available to members only. They will all be displayed in PDF format in order to protect the content.

Criteria for acceptance of teaching resources

Each submitted resource is reviewed by 2 peer reviewers to make sure the resource and accompanying description conforms to our submission criteria. Reviewers of materials answer the following questions and provide any additional comments:

  • Is the author-supplied information contained within the Teaching tool description form both accurate and complete?
  • Does the author provide educational objectives which are both clear and relevant?
  • Are the objectives appropriately linked to the Health Professions Core Communication Curriculum?
  • Is the content of the submission sufficiently accurate, clear, and usable?
  • If the author uses material from another original source, is that source appropriately referenced?
  • If not an English tool, is it of such exceptional quality (originality and value) that tEACH should provide resources for translation into English?

Criteria for acceptance of assessment tools

To be included, assessment tools need to assess the learning outcomes regarding the competence of health care providers to communicate with patients. This means that we exclude program and curriculum evaluations in our database.  The submitted tools need to demonstrate that they have been peer reviewed, usually indicated by publication in a peer reviewed journal.