Position statement on transparency

EACH believes that transparency of a charitable specialized network lies primarily

  • in its mission and values;
  • in the legitimacy of its membership base;
  • in its governance practices;
  • its internal and public policy practices.

The transparency of a charitable specialized network also lies in:

  • the transparency of its financial information;
  • the transparency of its financial relationships with funding sources, both public and private;
  • the internal and external financial control by independent audits;
  • the transparency of its financial relationships with commercial companies;
  • the prevention of potential conflicts of interest, both public and private.

In all of its activities EACH respects and promotes the fundamental value of transparency, by following the principles of legitimacy, credibility, independence, responsibility, and accountability.

EACH sources of funding

The general sources of funding for the charity’s core activities and specific projects come from a mixture of membership fees, conferences and courses, a guaranteed royalty from our publication partner, Elsevier, and charitable donations.

EACH has an agreed policy not to accept funding from the pharmaceutical industry for any of its activities, including meetings and conferences. This is to prevent any potential conflict of interest.

Core funding

  • Membership fees
  • Conferences and courses
  • Charitable donation
  • Guaranteed royalty from publication partner

Specific project funding

Funding received for specific projects:

  • a highly appreciated charitable donation from Julius and Regine Steffens specifically funded the junior investigators’ summer school programme until 2013
  • a highly appreciated charitable donation from Daniel Vasella was donated on 21 January 2011, and was offered for funding teaching activities. This fund is organised by the tEACH committee

Contribution in kind

It has to be highlighted that the main source of sustainment of EACH is its members themselves: experts from the different associated organisations even if not directly reimbursed by EACH give their direct support to the activities of EACH participating in the meetings, seminars, workshops according to the yearly work programme, making their professional skills available for the finalisation of the outputs and deliverables and for the implementation of training courses, site visits, networking with other organisations and support to countries which have at the moment rudimentary programmes in communication skills teaching for health professionals.

For the financial year 2014, the detailed sources of funding were:

  1. Membership fees: € 32,539
  2. Donation from publication partner Elsevier: € 15,000