Q1 - How do I log in?

Click the LOGIN button at the top right of any page.  Enter the username and password, which was emailed to you.

Q2 - Why should I log in?

The aim of the website is to provide a platform for EACH members to share and discuss.  Logging in allows you to:

  • Messages – message other members, privately or visible to other members
  • Docs – upload documents for sharing/collaborating with members or groups
  • Groups – take part in group discussions
  • Forums – participate in discussions with other members
  • Resources – view, download and upload resources
  • Calendar – add events (meetings, courses, workshops, conferences etc) of interest to other EACH members

The full list of what members can do on the site is here.

Q3 - I've logged in, what now?

Once you’ve logged in, go to your Profile (hover over your name and avatar, top right of the page) and navigate to Profile – edit.

Complete the Basic profile and the Research, Teaching and/or Policy & Practice profiles.  Members are able to search based on these fields.

These profiles replace the Meeting Zone.

Q4 - I can't log in?

Are you a member of EACH?

If yes, have you received your username and password, since the new website went live in February 2020?

To check if you are a member, or get your username and password, please contact katie@each.eu.

If you aren’t a member of EACH, consider joining.

For technical issues with logging in, please contact kim@each.eu

Q5 - I'm having problems with the website. Who do I contact?

For all content related or technical issues with the website, please contact kim@each.eu

Q6 - Where is the Meeting Zone?

The Meeting Zone is incorporated into the members’ profiles.  Members can search for others based on topics, interests, names, locations etc and connect with them by messaging them.

You must be a member of EACH and logged in, in order to view members’ profiles.

Q7 - I want to change my profile photo. What size should it be?

To change your profile photo, log in and go to Profile – Change Profile Photo.  Upload a photo which is at least 150px x 150px.  You can crop your photo once uploaded, if it isn’t square or is larger than 150px x 150px.

Q8 - I want to add or update my biography?

To update or add your biography, log in and go to Profile – Edit.  If you are pasting text, paste it into the Text tab (not the Visual tab) to ensure the formatting is correct.


Q1 - I have a query regarding my membership. Who should I contact?

Please contact Katie by email or by calling +44 (0)1722 415154.

Q2 - How much does it cost to join EACH as a member?

EACH offer a variety of membership types.  Click here to view the options and fees.


Q1 - What is a Group?

EACH committees, sub-groups, SIGs and national networks are all Groups.  EACH members are all members of the EACH Group.  rEACH, tEACH and pEACH all have their own Group and sub-groups.

The full list of EACH groups can be found here.

The Group area provides a platform for connecting with other Group members, a forum for discussion, and a repository for documents (eg minutes of meetings).

The committee/sub-group/SIG/network chair or lead is the administrator of the Group.  The Group administrator is able to manage the Group area.

Q2 - How do I join a Group?

EACH members are automatically members of the EACH Group.

If you wish to join a specific Group, members can request membership of a group by clicking Request Membership.  The Group administrator receives the request and will accept (or decline) the request in due course.

Q3 - I'm a Group administrator. What do I do?

The chair/lead of a committee/sub-group/SIG are the designated administrators for the Group.  As the Group administrator, you:

  • Add, edit or update the Group description and cover image
  • Receive membership requests and accept or decline, as necessary
  • Upload Group documents (eg minutes of meetings)
  • Start a topic for discussion in the forum
  • Edit, close and delete any forum topic


Q1 - Where is the Calendar?

The shortcut to the Events Calendar is on your menu bar at the top of the page to the right of PEC.  If you see … then please click on those dots and then Calendar.

Alternatively you can view the Calendar via the Events menu on the side panel on the left.

Q2 - What events does the calendar show?

The calendar shows all EACH events, as well as events uploaded by members, which are of interest to other members.

Q3 - I have an event of interest to EACH members. How do I add an event to the Calendar?

Once you have logged in, hover over your name at the top right of the page and then click on Events – My Events.

The page shows all the events you have added to the calendar.  To add a new event, click Add New.

Complete the form as fully as possible.  If the event has a physical loaction, please ensure you enter the full address.  The Google map should appear, if you have done this correctly, otherwise the event will not be submitted and you will be returned to the form.

You can add Member and Non Member fees, as well as a registration link, if appropriate.


Q1 - The links to the individual resources don't work?

Only publicly visible resources can be viewed and downloaded by non members.  You must be a member of EACH and logged into the site in order to view and download the resources.

Q2 - I'm not a member, how can I view the publicly visible teaching resources?

Use the “sort by” dropdown box at the top of the page and click Access Z-A.

Q3 - How can I upload a new resource?

You must be a member of EACH and logged in, in order to upload either a teaching or research resource.

Once logged in, go to the relevant upload page under Resources.