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Geurt Essers

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Leiden University Medical Centre


The Netherlands


Co-chair tEACH


I had my Masters degree in clinical psychology in 1981. From 1982 till 1985 I worked as a psychologist in primary care, mostly treating people suffering from depression and/or anxiety disorders. Subsequently, I moved to coaching and consulting multidisciplinary primary care teams. Since 1996, I work as an independent trainer, coach and consultant. I am a member of the Dutch Association for Supervision and Coaching (LVSC) and of Coaches for Medics. _xD_
From 1998 I have been working at the GP Specialty training programme of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), the first 7 years as a teacher and coach for the GP trainees and their supervisors, and from 26 on also as curriculum coordinator in the program. From 21 till 214 I took part in developing and implementing a new communications curriculum and assessment program for the GP Specialty Training in the Netherlands. In my years as teacher and curriculum coordinator I have trained many practice supervisors and teachers in the GP training program. Apart from that, I developed several CPE training programs for GPs on cognitive-behavioral interventions with patients with unexplained physical complaints and motivational interviewing. In 214 I finished my thesis on context influences on doctor-patient communication called “Clarifying the role of context in doctor-patient communication”. From June 217 I will go and work as the national coordinator for GP trainee assessment in the GP training programs._xD_
From 29 I am a member of TEACH. In collaboration with Jonathan Silverman, Claudia Kiessling and Marc van Nuland I developed and gave the EACH course on Assessment of communication._xD_
My expertise and interest lies in communication teaching, assessment and in training doctors to cope with patients with medically unexplained symptoms. Besides that, I love to share my knowledge on education, (qualitative) research and faculty development._xD_
Geurt Essers

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Geurt Essers

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