Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists  of all National and Deputy National Representatives of all countries and all members of the Executive Committee.

Chair of the Advisory Committee: Lode Verreyen
Co-chairs of the Advisory Committee: Eva Doherty & Richard Brown

National Representatives from countries with at least five members are all voting members in the committee and together with the Executive Committee make up the trustees of the charity. One country gets one vote. It is the National Representative who gets to vote, unless he/she is absent. Then the Deputy can vote in his/her place.

The Advisory Committee is appointed for 2 years at the Annual General Meeting following  election.

Role of the Advisory Committee

  • Shapes the strategic direction of EACH activities
  • Identifies global priorities in healthcare communication research, teaching, policy and practice through learning about national needs
  • Supports the National Representatives and Deputy National Representatives in establishing the needs of their countries’ EACH members
  • Facilitates international collaborations in developing initiatives to improve healthcare communication teaching, research, practice or policy

How the Advisory Committee works

  • Quarterly meetings online of which 2 in-person meetings linked to a larger EACH initiative. [This rule is under revision following the global concern of reducing the carbon footprint.]
  • Guide & respond