Simulated Patients (spEACH)





The aim of spEACH, established in October 2016 as an associated group of EACH, is to provide a forum for simulated patients to be able to get in touch with one another, develop networks to support each other and focus on our needs as simulated patients in the ever evolving world of communication in healthcare.

What do simulated patients do?

Simulated patients have become an important resource for the communication skills training of healthcare professionals throughout the world.

In medicine, simulated patients (SPs) currently work across the spectrum of specialties from family medicine to the emergency room, oncology through to psychiatry and in training at every level from student doctor to consultant. Within the wider field of healthcare professions, SPs participate in the pre and post qualification training of nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, dentists, ophthalmologists and others.

SPs primarily work in the context of health professional training and assessment, although SP’s are to be found helping with remediation, recruitment and also performance appraisal. SPs operate in various settings such as small or large groups of learners with a facilitator; one-to-one with an individual learner, in assessment situations with an examiner and a learner and in lectures or demonstrations.

What do simulated patients need?

As the profession has grown, so has the need for an opportunity to share experiences and seek advice from one another, to discuss the challenges we face and explore skills we may develop.

How can simulated patients contribute to and benefit from spEACH?

Because simulated patients are such an important and unique resource for communication teaching and assessment, EACH has given us a special designation as an associated group of EACH. This means that members of spEACH can:

  • Have a presence on the EACH website
  • Make contact with SPs around the world through EACH representatives
  • Develop other forms of networking for sharing ideas and resources using social media etc


As a newly formed group, our first steps are to identify SPs interested in participating in spEACH and what needs SPs have in terms of support and networking. We are also interested in finding out what kind of involvement SPs would like to have in making spEACH a useful resource for all SPs.

We ask that any SP interested in spEACH register and complete the survey which asks you for background information, what you hope spEACH can provide and if and how you might like to be involved in spEACH.

SPs that register will be added to the spEACH membership list (unless otherwise indicated) and receive emails related to the group’s ongoing development and activities.

Membership of spEACH is voluntary and free of charge.

If you have any questions or comments about spEACH, feel free to email us at
We would be delighted if you would join us and hope that you will discover answers to questions, find information that you seek and gain support from colleagues as well as have the chance to share your expertise, offer advice and participate in the development of this group. We look forward to welcoming you!

Kim Taylor
Lead of spEACH, the EACH SP group

If you are interested in joining our network, please register.