In addition to subcommittees EACH also has Special Interest Groups (SIGs).


Benefits of EACH SIGS:

  • Allows groups of EACH members with common interests to work and network together toward common goals in a specific area
  • Provides access to identify and communicate with colleagues who are EACH members with common interests
  • EACH SIG is given a space on the EACH website to publicize their activities. This includes the option of having a SIG moderated blog for communicating with SIG members
  • EACH SIGs are given priority for designated time/meeting space at ICCH conferences
  • Potential to apply for SIG related project funding through EACH subcommitees

Meeting Zone:

Connect with other members of EACH with similar interests here.

If you indicate an interest to join our SIG on the Meeting Zone page an email will be sent to one of our core team who will add your details to their email circulation list. You will then receive emails and can make contact directly with the group.


  • SIGs are part of the EACH organizational structure and report to EACH through one of the three EACH subcommittees (tEACH, rEACH or pEACH)or to the EACH executive directly
  • New SIGs can choose the most appropriate EACH subcommittee as their home and to which they report. Can be more than one subcommittee if appropriate
  • Have their own organisational structure with a core committee and a designated person as lead
  • SIGs report their activities to their designated subcommittee(s) once per year using this form
  • Because SIGs are meant to be active groups, they periodically reviewed by the EACH executive to determine whether they are still active


We would like to invite members to propose Special Interest Groups to be affiliated within EACH.

If your group has the intention of becoming a SIG, please click here for details of the application process and form.