Postdoctoral Posts – University of Oslo

Postdoctoral Posts – University of Oslo

The University of Oslo has positions available, which are part of the EU/FP7 Marie Curie Scientia Fellows programme, which encourages exchange of postdoctoral students internationally. The idea is to work two years in Oslo and one year in the postdoctoral student’s own institution. Click here for details of the programme and links to these two […]

17th February 2016

Elizabete Loureiro Passes with Distinction

On the 23 July 2015 Elizabete Loureiro defended her PhD in public trials at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP), Portugal, approved unanimously with distinction. The title of her thesis is: Teaching and assessing integrated communication skills in medicine: towards the implementation of a clinical communication skills curriculum, and had as […]

2nd September 2015