What can tEACH offer?

tEACH has developed and collected a variety of resources to support communication teachers in healthcare. Below we describe and provide links to these resources:

Teaching tools

tEACH has collected over 100 teaching tools of interest to communication teachers and continues to collect more. They include:

    • What to Teach: Content of communication teaching programs
    • How to Teach: Methods for effective communication skills teaching

All tools are in PDF format and include facilitator guides, PowerPoints, simulated patient cases, etc

To find teaching tools most relevant to your teaching needs, go to our searchable database of teaching tools.

During 2016-2017 new project groups in tEACH will be collecting and developing new teaching tool resources to be included in the searchable database focusing on the specific topics of:

  • Descriptions of realistic workplace-based simulation tools
  • Tools for teaching about cross-cultural communication
  • Videos of real and simulated patient encounters to be used in teaching

If you have a resource to contribute to these or other teaching topics, please go here.

Assessment and assessment tools

tEACH has collected and developed a variety of resources which are aimed at sharing expertise about How to Assess communication skills of health care learners. They include:

To find assessment resources most relevant to your teaching needs, go to the assessment page and/or our searchable database of teaching and assessment tools.

Curriculum and communication models

tEACH has collected and developed resources related to broad approaches to communication skills teaching.  They include:

  • Communication models: Examples of communication models used for teaching and assessing communication skills (for example, Calgary-Cambridge, Four Habits, Kalamazoo, etc)
  • Curriculum models: complete communication skills curricula from some medical schools and other programs
  • Health Care Professions Core Curriculum (HPCCC):  Developed by tEACH this curriculum identifies the key objectives for teaching communication skills to undergraduate students in all health professions. The HPCCC is available in various languages including English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. Translations are available for download by members here. The original article describing the development, the consensus process and the importance of individual learning objectives can be found here (C. Bachmann et al., 2012)


tEACH has developed a series of 4 experiential train the trainer courses offered annually in different places in Europe and UK focusing on:

tEACH also provides these and other courses within countries and institutions upon request. For more information click here.

In addition a new 2016-2017 tEACH project group is focusing on developing resources for running local communication courses.


spEACH: affiliated group for simulated patients

spEACH was established in October 2016 as an associated group of EACH. Its aim is to provide a forum for simulated patients to be able to get in touch with one another, develop networks to support each other and focus on our needs as simulated patients in the ever evolving world of communication in healthcare.

Click here for details.


National networks of communication teachers

[under development]


How to get involved and contribute to tEACH