What to teach – resources

Whether you are just developing curriculum on communication skills or looking for other ideas to enhance teaching you already do, seeing how communication teachers around the world approach the teaching of both general and specific communication topics can be helpful.

tEACH has collected resources on What to Teach which include:

Clinical communication consultation models

  • Communication models: Examples of communication models outlining the main skills to be taught and/or assessed by communication skills teachers (for example, Calgary-Cambridge, Four Habits, etc)
  • Curriculum models: Complete communication skills curricula from some medical schools and other programs
  • Health Care Professions Core Curriculum (HPCCC): Developed by tEACH this curriculum identifies the key objectives for teaching communication skills to undergraduate students in all health professions. The HPCCC is available in various languages including English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. The original article describing the development, the consensus process and the importance of individual learning objectives can be found here (C. Bachmann et al., 2012)

Teaching resources

Materials and tools used to teach general and specific aspects of clinical communication. These include descriptions/materials for teaching core communication skills as well as more advanced skills such as bad news telling, shared decision making, etc. Resources include such things as facilitator guides, simulated patient cases, PowerPoints, etc. as well as descriptions of comprehensive curriculum approaches. Samples of these resources can be found here or by specific category in the searchable database

These collected resources are just a beginning and we are grateful for those teachers who have provided the initial material. As you will find in the introduction to the resources section, we hope you will donate your teaching resources to this website so that we can all continue to learn from each other.

Contribute your teaching resources

We encourage all teachers who undertake communication skills training in the health professions and have developed material they want to share to submit their material to the teaching resources editorial group of tEACH. Each submitted resources is reviewed by 2 peer reviewers to make sure the resource and accompanying description conforms to our submission criteria. We welcome contributions in all European languages.

In order to contribute a resource, please review the guidelines for submission.

We want your feedback

We would appreciate feedback on the published resources as well as the organization of the material on the website. Any comments can be sent to teachingtools@each.eu. Also, if you have downloaded a resource and started using it, we encourage you to send an e-mail to the contributor of the resource and give specific feedback. That way we can all improve continuously, and you become part of a larger European network. Also, it is very helpful for contributors to know about others’ use of their intellectual work.

What to Teach – Resource examples

What to Teach – Resource examples

tEACH has begun collecting resources of specific teaching methods commonly used in teaching communication skills in healthcare.

Communication models

Communication models

tEACH has begun collecting descriptions and materials that summarize broad models used to identify skills and structure of effective clinical communication. These resources can help serve as frameworks for organizing what communication skills are emphasized in teaching and assessment of health professional learners at all levels.

Curriculum models

Curriculum models

tEACH has begun collecting descriptions of the overall content of a communication curriculum, including those that extend beyond the core skills of the medical interview to cover such things as specific communication issues and communication with other health care professionals.

Health Professions Core Communication Curriculum

Health Professions Core Communication Curriculum

tEACH has developed the first, international list of core topics for a unified curriculum for teaching communication skills for students in health professions (e.g. nursing, medicine, dentistry, psychology, pharmacy, physiotherapy) based on a European consensus of 121 experts.


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