Courses and support for trainers

tEACH offers courses and other support for developing and enhancing the skills and educational programmes of trainers and teachers of communication skills in health care across all professional groups. This support uses a skills-based and evidence-based approach to teaching communication skills. Our aim is to help as wide a range of teachers as possible – so we would like to help you whether you are a beginner trying to get started in your hospital, college, university, region or country or a more experienced teacher who is looking for help with teaching particular parts of your course. We also aim to provide help across all the different types of healthcare teaching and professions – for example medicine, nursing, midwifery, dentistry, physiotherapy and for undergraduate, postgraduate and practising clinician learners.


We currently offer 4 different courses:

  1. What to Teach in Communication Skills Teaching: Skills and Structure
  2. How to teach: Experiential Communication Skills Teaching
  3. Curriculum Development in Communication Skills Teaching
  4. Assessment in Communication Teaching

Each course can be taken separately. Together they provide a comprehensive programme of training. The courses involve a mix of learning methods with a particular focus on the active involvement of participants. Participants are welcome to attend all four courses. Participants are encouraged to attend in the order ‘what, ‘experiential, ‘curriculum, ‘assessment’ in order to get the most out of each course. All the courses are held in English and care is taken to help participants for whom English is not their first language.  To date, all of these courses have been evaluated highly and participants have strongly agreed that they would recommend each course to a colleague and that they would sign up for another tEACH course.


For more information about courses for the coming year and/or to register, click here.


Support for trainers

Local courses/mentorship

tEACH is particularly interested in providing courses locally in people’s own countries, disciplines  and institutions.  If you are interested in a course in your own centre or country get in touch. It can also provide guidance, mentorship, coaching, answers to questions

Contact : for more information.

Training documents

To help teachers we provide some materials that describe methods that can be used in teaching clinical communication skills and training trainers. These focus mainly on How to teach.

If you have questions about these documents or feedback please email