How to get involved in tEACH

Many EACH members have asked us if they can get involved with the work of tEACH.  On this page we provide a list of ways in which you can benefit from and participate in tEACH.

What tEACH can do for communication teachers

To find out what tEACH can provide in terms of resources, courses and sharing of expertise, visit our What can tEACH offer page.

What can you do for and with tEACH:

  • Submit resources: Add to our database of teaching tools on how and what to teach and how to assess.
  • Share your expertise: [link to follow] We are in the process of developing a database of expertise in communication teaching throughout EACH member countries that will allow persons with similar interests to identify, communicate and collaborate with each other.
  • Facilitate networking of communication teachers in your country and/or discipline:  tEACH is in the process of establishing national and discipline-based networks of communication teachers and needs help from interested individuals in establishing and expanding these networks and planning events (meetings, symposia, workshops) in which network members can exchange ideas, solve problems and learn from experts.  If you are interested in participating in establishing/expanding networks or have questions about this, please contact
  • Participate in communication skills teaching needs assessment and other medical education research: The Medical Education Research Special Interest Group (a collaboration between rEACH and tEACH) is launching an international needs assessment to assess the current state and needs of communication teaching in EACH member countries.  The survey will first be conducted among undergraduate medical schools in each country. For more information contact
  • Become a member of the tEACH expanded group or tEACH committee: Because the tEACH committee is an active group working on longer term projects, we limit the number of members and also membership turnover.  However, feel free to refer to our tEACH membership policy to see if you have expertise or background that we are currently looking for in new members. In contrast, anyone can join the tEACH expanded group which is composed of communication teachers who have interest in collaborating with and contributing to teach on a more regular basis.  More than 75 people from 14 different countries are in the broader network, if you are interested in becoming a member please contact  tEACH makes contact with extended network members periodically for help and input on various projects.
  • Provide feedback: tEACH welcomes feedback and ideas for how we can best support communication teachers.  Feel free to submit any questions or comments to