Sara Rubinelli, President

Sara Rubinelli is Assistant Professor in Health Communication at the University of Luzern (CH), Coordinator of the Human Functioning Unit and Leader of the Person-Centered Healthcare Group at Swiss Paraplegic Research (CH). She holds a degree in Classics and Philosophy from the Catholic University of Milan (I) and a PhD from the University of Leeds (UK) in the areas of logic, argumentation theory and rhetoric. From 2003 to 2009 she was the Scientific Coordinator of the Institute of Communication and Health of the University of Lugano (CH).

Sara Rubinelli’s research and teaching interests centre on three main pillars:

Communication Sciences, with a focus on: classical (Greek and Latin) rhetoric and history of rhetoric; interpersonal communication; argumentation theory and persuasion; internet-enhanced communication and social media; advertising; ontologies, theories and models of communication processes.

Health Communication, with a focus on: shared-decision making in patient-health professional communication; patient autonomy and health professional guidance; health literacy; empowerment; eHealth in the field of chronic conditions; direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA); risk communication; social marketing and health campaign; ontologies, theories and models of health, functioning, disability and well-being; standardisation in health data and healthcare processes; knowledge transfer; open innovation in healthcare.

Communication and education: critical thinking; communication skills in academic/professional curricula.