Improving the quality of communication in healthcare

Improving the quality of
communication in

EACH is an interdisciplinary charity which brings together
researchers and trainers in the field of communication in healthcare.

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EACH: International Association for Communication in Healthcare is a global organisation whose mission is to promote healthcare communication between patients, relatives and healthcare practitioners that is effective, patient-centred and evidence-based.  

Ample evidence demonstrates that effective communication is essential to high quality clinical practice and leads to:

  • Individualized care that respects patient autonomy
  • Safer and more effective healthcare
  • Improved disease outcomes
  • More satisfied and autonomous patients
  • More efficient services
  • More cost effective care

Evidence also demonstrates that more effective healthcare communication can be:

  • Taught to every health care provider
  • Implemented in daily practice

EACH members significantly contribute to the body of evidence and best practices for teaching and implementing effective communication in healthcare.  EACH and its members can provide high-quality advice on improving communication in your own workplace, country or sphere of influence.  EACH is a network of communication researchers and teachers that can provide you or your organization with information tailored to your needs and can connect you to communication specialists in your country or in your field.