PPC International Symposium – Call for Submissions

THE PATIENT, THE PRACTITIONER, AND THE COMPUTER: Holding on to the Core of Our Healing Professions in a Time of Technological Change
17-19 March 2017

This 2017 Symposium, sponsored by the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, is the first international conference on a crucially important topic for patients, healthcare practitioners, educators, administrators, and policy makers. The presence of the computer in the exam room and mobile communication have profoundly affected the relationship between patients and their practitioners and between practitioners and their work. This Symposium will bring together leading researchers and health educators from around the world to examine what modern science has learned about the impact of exam room computer technology on the patient-practitioner relationship, how human relationships figure in software and device design, and current best practices for successfully integrating computers, mobile technology and the “e-patient” into clinical practice, while keeping the true patient at the centre of care. Additionally, the impact of technology on practitioner satisfaction and burnout will be explored.

The Scientific Committee is particularly interested in submissions in the following topic areas:

  • Realizing the 21st century potential of electronic health records (EHRs) in patient care
  • Challenges of paying attention to patients while entering data into an EHR
  • Effects of the EHR on practitioner satisfaction and burnout
  • Technology challenges and opportunities for those working in academic health systems
  • Human Factors and other analytic approaches to EHR and device design
  • The changing nature of information sharing between patients and practitioners
  • Best patient-centered practices for using the EHR in the examination room, e.g. exam room design, voice recognition software, scribes
  • Enabling inter- and intra- institutional medical record collaboration
  • Effective training programs for integrating the EHR into clinical care
  • The role of simulation in teaching and assessing patient-centered EHR practices
  • EHR design and use around the world
  • Innovations in research, education, clinical care, administration, communication, or library technologies concerning EHRs and Information Technology (IT) that support patient-practitioner interactions

Submissions on other topics relevant to the conference related to the effect of EHRs and IT on human relationships will be considered. Preference will be given to proposals with broad appeal to the community, audience interactivity, and applicable takeaways. Work in progress will also be considered.

Submission Requirements:
Proposals are limited to 5000 characters including spaces (excluding title, authors, credentials, and affiliations) and must include the following:

  • Title
  • Author(s) Name, Credentials, Affiliation(s)
  • Educational Goals and Objectives
  • Session Overview — include the main topics to be covered and your methodology for covering each
  • Materials and/or technology to be used
  • Methods used to incorporate active learning (if applicable)
  • Assessment of participant learning — while a standardized evaluation process will be used for all sessions, please detail any additional assessment you would like to include
  • Information regarding previous delivery of the session (if applicable) including date, audience, evaluations
  • References (up to 5)

The deadline for submissions is 31 August 2016.

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10th June 2016