Oral Healthcare Blogs

Effective communication skills are fundamental to good clinical practice. Understanding the basic principles of effective communication should be an essential requirement for oral healthcare providers. As there is limited communication research conducted in the domain of oral healthcare, investigating what components contribute to a successful communication between the oral healthcare providers and patients will not only enable us to enhance the provider-patient trusting relationship, reducing misunderstandings and complaints, and improving patient satisfaction and compliance, but also inform patient disease prevention and therefore enhance oral health outcomes. Thus, we intend to establish a special interest group in communication research in oral healthcare within EACH.

By including communication research into oral healthcare, we would like to explore the following topics:

  1. Dentist-patient interaction during a communicative intervention;
  2. Impact of empathy upon the dentist-patient communication and their relationship;
  3. Patient-centred care in relation to dental anxiety;
  4. Inter-professional communication in providing quality oral healthcare;
  5. Key factors in dentist-patient communication that affect the decision-making process.

Below are blogs associated with this SIG.