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Type Topic Title Language
Video Oprah’s Social Experiment on Her Audience English
Video Volkswagen Commercial The Force Ad+Making English
Video Motivational Interviewing English
Video Strong emotions Inside Out – Sky Broadband UK Ad (2015) English
Video End of life care I didn’t want that English
Podcast End of life care Talking about end-of-life Dutch
Video Breaking Bad News The Man With Two Brains — little girl bystander English
Video Colleague conflict Stephen Covey: Indian Talking Stick English
Video Colleague conflict Orthopedics vs Anesthesia English
Video Colleague conflict Two Monkeys Were Paid Unequally: Excerpt from Frans de Waal’s TED Talk English
Video Colleague conflict Marge’s Horrible Breath English
Video Colleague conflict Scenes from… The Flintstones: On The Rocks – “A Natural Redhead?!” English
Video Giving information funny video about open questions English
Video Giving information Bunny ears Fbd Commercial 2015 English
Video Gathering information closed questions funny video
Video Gathering information open-ended questions video cartoon English
Video Shared Decision Making Video Demonstrations of Shared Decision Making English
Video Non-verbal communication Dalek relaxation tape English
Video Non-verbal communication Eddie Izzard National Anthem English
Video Depression/mental health issues Risk Assessment-Self Harm. Oxford University Press online resources English