Berlin Global Rating (BGR)

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Language: German

Profession: Medicine

Level of Learner: Undergraduate

Type of Tool: Assessment Tool - Observer

Assessment Topic(s): Observer

What to Teach / Assess Topic(s): Non-verbal Expression, Relationship building, Structure, Verbal Expression

Brief description:

Global rating for the observation of student-standardised patient encounters using a 5-point scale (four items) topics coverend: dealing with emotions (empathy), structure of the encounter, verbal expression, nonverbal expression References: Scheffer S, Muehlinghaus I, Froehmel A, Ortwein H. Assessing students' communication skills: validation of a global rating. Adv Health Sci Educ 2008; 559-61. Original version was published in: Hodges B, Hanson M, McNaughton N, Regehr G. Creating, Monitoring, and Improving a Psychiatry OSCE. Academic Psychiatry 2002;, 26(3): 134-161

Author(s) and Affiliation(s): German: Scheffer S Muehlinghaus I Froehmel A Ortwein H English: Hodges B Hanson M McNaughton N Regehr G Boyd C