Rochester Communication Rating Scale

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Language: English

Profession: Medicine

Level of Learner: Undergraduate

Type of Tool: Assessment Tool - Patient, Other

Assessment Topic(s): Patient

What to Teach / Assess Topic(s): Exploring Patient Problems and Concerns, Gathering information, Giving information, Relationship building, Shared decision making

Brief description:

Instrument to assess student-standardized patient interview from the patient perspective, using 19 items on a 6-point scale topics covered: Exploring patient problems and concerns, relationship building, gathering information, giving information, shared decision making References: Epstein RM; Dannefer EF; Nofziger AC; Hansen JT; Schultz SH; Jospe N; Connard LW; Meldrum SC; Henson LC. "Comprehensive assessment of professional competence: the Rochester experiment." Teaching and Learning in Medicine. 2004;16(2):186-96. Lurie SJ; Mooney CJ; Nofziger AC; Meldrum SC; Epstein RM. "Further challenges in measuring communication skills: accounting for actor effects in standardised patient assessments." Medical Education. 2008;42(7):662-8.

Author(s) and Affiliation(s): Epstein RM Dannefer EF Nofziger AC Hansen JT Schultz SH Jospe N Connard LW Meldrum SC Henson LC