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Lidia del Piccolo

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Lidia Del Piccolo was born in South Africa. After the degree in Psychology at the University of Padua in 1992, she trained as clinical psychologist at the University Hospital of Udine. In 1993 she was research fellow in Social Psychology at the Institute of General Psychology at the University of Padua. Between 1994-1995 she won a grant on learning disabilities at the “Eugenio Medea” Scientific Institute of Lecco. In 1999 she concluded her Ph.D on “Doctor-patient interaction in general practice”. In 2 she became lecturer in Clinical Psychology and in 211 she was nominated associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at the Department of Medicine and Public Health of the University of Verona. _xD_
Since 21 Lidia works also as Clinical Psychologist at the Psychiatric Clinic of the Mental Health Department of Verona Hospital and in 29 she became Psychotherapist after attending the Cognitive Behavioural School of Verona. In 28 Lidia won the “Each: Jozien Bensing Research Award”. _xD_
Lidia Del Piccolo published so far 64 full papers and three chapter books. 33 full papers were published in international peer-reviewed journals._xD_
Main interests:_xD_
– Anthropology and Social psychology (from 199 to 1994), University of Padua._xD_
– Neuropsychology and learning disabilities (from 1994 to 2) – General Hospital “S. Maria delle Grazie”, Udine, Scientific Institute “Eugenio Medea”, Bosisio Parini and Neurological Institute “Besta” of Milan._xD_
– Communication in Medicine:_xD_
Standardization of measures that evaluate doctor-patient communication during medical consultations._xD_
Development and evaluation of training courses in communication skills for general medicine physicians, psychiatrists and other health professionals._xD_
Development of instruments which describe and evaluate the information giving process and patient involvement in General Medicine and Psychiatry._xD_
Methodological attention to qualitative and quantitative approaches to the study of doctor-patient interaction._xD_
Psycho-physiology of doctor-patient communication.




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Lidia Del Piccolo

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